The conference will be held at Kinect Energy AS office at Fantoftvegen 38, 5072 Bergen Norway.

If you arrive before the conference day:

From airport to Bergen Børs Hotel:

Bergen Airport (Flesland) is situated 20km south of Bergen. You can choose to take the Airport Express Coach,  Bergen Light Rail or a taxi. All can be paid with a VISA/ MasterCard. Tickets for the light rail can be purchased at a Skyss ticket machine.

The Airport Express Coach (Flybussen) departs every 15 minutes (takes about 25 minutes to arrive at the hotel). A one way ticket is NOK 100,-.  Round-trip ticket costs NOK 160,- and is valid for one month. The bus driver will announce which destination you have arrived during the entire ride. The stop you should get off is “Fisketorget, which is the second-to-last stop. The hotel is just next to the bus stop.

A Taxi from the airport to the city centre costs approximately NOK 375,- (more on weekends and nights/evenings).

Bergen Light Rail (Bybanen) goes from Bergen Airport Flesland to the city center. Travel time is approx. 45 min. You have to go until the last stop called Byparken. From there it will take 5 min to get to the hotel. A one-way ticket is NOK 37.

On first day of the conference (June 13th): 

From airport to conference:
Our office is located approximately 20 minutes from the airport and approximately 15 minutes from the city centre. If you arrive on the conference day, the easiest way to arrive at the conference from the airport is to take a taxi from outside the terminal.

From hotel to conference:

You can take Bybanen from the city centre to the stop called “Fantoft“. It will take less than 20 minutes to arrive. Our office is about 10 minutes’ walking distance from the stop “Fantoft”.

Or you can contact Bergen Taxi to book a taxi in advance.

From conference to hotel:

Kinect Eenergy Group has arranged bus for you. The bus will depart at 17.30 from Kinect Energy AS office.

From hotel to dinner and evening program:

Prior to the dinner there will be a short boat trip that will start at Zachariasbryggen, 4 min walk from Bergen Børs Hotel. The boat will bring the guests to the restaurant. The dinner will take place in Nøsteboden which is located 15 min walk from Bergen Børs Hotel

On second day of the conference (June 14th):

From hotel to conference:

Kinect Energy Group has arranged bus to take everyone from the hotel to the conference. The bus will depart at 08.00 

From conference to airport:

The easiest way to get to the airport from Kinect Energy AS office is to take a taxi.