Energy Conference 2015

The head line topic for the conference was “Energy System in Transition.”

Taking place before the pivotal COP21 in Paris, our conference featured discussions related to the transitioning energy system in light of a global commitment to limit climate change below dangerous levels. Will the commitment be strong enough to stay below the two degree celsius threshold? Will the challenges for large utilities continue? Will the pace in renewable energy investments continue? What about new cables and what will happen with Swedish nuclear power production? Bergen Energi together with industry experts discussed these topics through engaging talks, discussions, workshops, and case studies.

Speakers 2015

Alain Bourgeois
VP Gas & LNG, Bergen Energi 
Graeme Weale
Chief Economist, RWE Group 
Peter van der Gaag
Director, Anglo Dutch Bio-LNG B.V.
Albert Bressand
Professor, University of Groningen
Hans Petter Kildal
VP Sustainability, Bergen Energi
Richard Harradine
Group Supply Chain Manager, LINPAC Packaging 
Andreas Jensen
Portfolio Manager, Bergen Energi 
Janu Ramchandani
Carbon Reporting & Communication, Bergen Energi 
Rob MacKenzie
Professor, University of Birmingham
Anette Gussiås
Senior Analyst, Bergen Energi 
Jeremy Nicholsson
Director, Energy Intensive Users Group (EIUG) 
Therese Gjerde
VP Spot, Bergen Energi 
Atle Sivertsen
CIO & VP Client Reporting, Bergen Energi 
Kolbjörn Hembre
Chief Commercial Officer, Bergen Energi
Trine Kopperud
Assessment Services Manager, DNV GL 
Bill Schjelderup
CEO, Bergen Energi 
Merete Jordheim
Portfolio Manager, Bergen Energi 
Björn Haugland
Chief Sustainability Officer, DNV GL
Paul Caile
Senior Analyst, Bergen Energi 

Agenda 2015

Day 1: May 20th                                                                                                  Day 2: May 21st

agenda 2015 5

Workshops 2015