Design your own custom renewable energy solution

Companies looking to meet their renewable energy targets are faced with a multitude of options such as sourcing renewable energy through energy attribute certificates, getting into long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and/or on-site installation of renewable energy devices. But an ideal renewable energy solution can look completely different for every company depending on individual targets, strategy, budget, geographical locations of sites and stakeholder expectations.

During this interactive workshop, you will get the opportunity to understand, discuss and design a renewable energy solution that works for you. We’ll start the workshop with an introduction on the setup and available options in the current voluntary renewable energy market for corporate consumers. During the introduction, we will  also briefly present Track my Electricity as part of global renewable energy strategy. Furthermore, you will get a short session on the global market developments with special focus on Asia, by Jules Chuang.  Participants will then break out into smaller groups to analyse and design an ideal renewable energy solution and later come together to share the discussed solutions.

Janu’s role in the Sustainability team at Kinect Energy focuses on helping businesses respond to climate change challenges through effective carbon management and communication. As the product manager for Track my Electricity™, she uses design-thinking, creative strategy and a deep understanding of energy systems to design custom solutions that add value to existing businesses.


Jules has been extensively involved in all areas of the renewable energy markets, particularly inventing the idea of International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC). Recently, he is appointed as Senior Advisor to Ministry of Economic Affairs for National REC Center establishment in Taiwan.