Consumer flexibility in the energy markets

The power market is changing rapidly and we could be facing capacity shortage. What could be the role for the larger end-users? Does the current market design give sufficient incentives for consumer flexibility? Learn more about KUBAL, RUSAL’s only European smelter, and how they together with Kinect Energy group have started utilizing flexibility in the short-term markets.

Therese Gjerde is a Director of Supply Operations EMEA Spot at Kinect Energy, with more than 10 years’ experience from European energy markets. Therese manages Kinect Energy’s short-term trading activities and deliveries in the Nordics and Continental Europe.



Davide Garofalo has been the Managing Director of RUSAL UC Swedish Legal entity Kubikenborg Aluminium AB (known in the industry as KUBAL) since October 2011. He serves also as Member of the Board in the Swedish Aluminium organization and Member of the Board of the Aluminium Primary industry Organization in the Nordic countries.