Conference materials 2016

You can now download the presentations from Bergen Energi Conference 2016 here.

Day 1

Perspectives on global energy markets, Key Note – Wade DeClaris (Exec. VP & Regional Managing Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa, World Fuel Services);

Post COP21: What industry needs to know – Marcin Korolec (Former Polish Minister for Environment);

Energy markets are broken: can they be fixed? – Malcolm Keay (Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies);

Gazprom’s security of demand strategy – Aurélie Bros (Research fellow and Asst. Professor, Higher School of Economics in Moscow);

Gas vs. coal plant switching in European power generation – Nicholas Perry (Senior Associate, Timera Energy);

Carbon Capture and Storage – Pål Mikkelsen (CEO, Klemetsrud CHP);

Why heavy industry going green is the future – Harald Grande (Managing Director, Tizir Titanium & Iron);

Day 2

Status global warming: challenges and opportunities – Kikki Kleiven (Associate Professor, University of Bergen);

Global development in renewable energy – Angus McCrone (Chief Editor, Bloomberg New Energy Finance);

Nissan’s Zero Emission strategy – Jarkko Ahlbom (Manager, Zero Emission Strategy at Nissan Nordic Europe); AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST – please contact

High-efficiency power conversion – Krzysztof Puczko (Managing Director, Delta Energy Systems);

Intermittency and short term markets – Therese Gjerde (Vice President Spot, Bergen Energi);

Vindskip-project: a disruptive sustainable vessel concept – Terje Lade (Founder, LADE AS);

Terntank Rederi’s Sustainable Shipping Strategy – Jens Buchhave (Managing Director, Terntank Rederi A/S).


Price risk management – Thomas Angell (Senior Portfolio Manager in Bergen Energi); AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST

Role of renewable energy in carbon accounting – Janu Ramchandani (Carbon Reporting Expert, Bergen Energi Green), Jules Chuang (Member of the Board, I-REC Standard);

The oil resource development: has the North Sea entered the late-life crisis? – Maarten van Mourik (Research Director at 2020ENERGY);

Evolution of European traded gas hubs – learnings for portfolio management – Patrick Heather (Senior Research Fellow at Oxford Institute for Energy Studies).